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Reducing the risk of errors in medical laboratories with updated International Standard
Never before have reliability and accuracy been so important for medical laboratories. Robust risk management processes are the best defence against errors and false results. One of the world’s most trusted guidance documents for risk management in medical laboratories has just been updated to help.
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Driving home clean transportation with two new International Standards
Responsible for nearly a quarter of global carbon emissions, transport is the achilles heel of nearly every city. Yet, with energy demand on the rise, so much needs to be done to tackle the 2030 Agenda targets. New standards have just been published to help achieve smart and efficient transportation …
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Standards mean business in the latest ISOfocus
If you’re a business, you already know the multitude of challenges you’re up against in today’s business world. That’s where our standards come in. Whether you want to monitor and improve your brand, toughen up your IT security, or keep your employees motivated, productive and happy, using ISO standards …
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How Microsoft makes your data its priority
Privacy protection is a societal need in a world that’s becoming ever more connected. As requirements for data protection toughen, ISO/IEC 27701 can help business manage its privacy risks with confidence. Here, Microsoft opens up about protecting data privacy in the cloud.

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ISOfocus Март/Апрель 2020

Искусство ведения бизнеса

Стандарты представляют набор эффективных бизнес-инструментов для организаций всех размеров. Они способствуют повышению уровня доверия, снижению издержек, наращиванию показателей производительности и увеличению прибыли. Интересно узнать больше? Читайте о бизнес-трендах и успехах в стандартизации.


Getting started toolkit for committee liaisons

This toolkit helps new ISO committee liaisons get started in their new role and brings together all of the resources made available by ISO/CS in one place.


The ISO Research and Innovation Network

This network has been created by the Research and Innovation unit with the aim of creating a community to discuss, promote and conduct research and innovation activities related to standardization.


ISO President

Message from Eddy Njoroge, the ISO President 2020-2021

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