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Biodiversity high on standards agenda
A new expert committee on biodiversity just formed.
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International Standard for medical device testing updated
Patient safety is a key focus in update of ISO 14155, the industry reference for good practice in clinical trials.
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Putting sustainability at the heart of the standards agenda
A new ISO guide will help ensure climate change issues are addressed in every new standard.
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On your bike
A new specification for electric bikes has just been published.

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ISOfocus Июль/Август 2020

Здоровье, благополучие, счастье

В нашем выпуске, посвященном вопросам благополучия, рассматриваются вопросы оздоровления, преимущества стандартов по спортивной подготовке и на электронные велосипеды, обсуждаются медицинские курорты и талассотерапия, а также предоставляется информация о бурно развивающейся индустрии медицинского туризма.


National standardization strategies (NSS)

Presenting the ISO methodology for developing a national standardization strategy (NSS), this publication is a must for anyone involved in achieving national strategic priorities supported by national and International Standards. Created together with ISO's members (the national standards body (NSB) …


Climate change adaptation

Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment and humanity must prepare and adapt in order to survive. ISO standards play a pivotal role in helping organizations and communities become climate-resilient. This brochure introduces the ISO 1409x series designed to assess the …


International Standards and Trade - What does the research say?

The relationship between standards and trade is a topic of great interest in the standardization community. In this synthesis review, a selection of emblematic studies draws together findings on the impacts of standards on trade across multiple contexts. With this, we can draw some conclusions about …

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