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10 years of ISO 26000 leading social responsibility
November 2020 marks ten years since the publication of a ground-breaking International Standard for social responsibility.
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Turning waste into useful resources
Supporting the right to safe sanitation on World Toilet Day.
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Helping the world reach net-zero emissions
The COVID-19 pandemic will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but not enough, according to the latest World Energy Outlook report by the International Energy Agency. Here are five top ways that can help.
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Вместе мы можем совершить многое
Всемирный день городов посвящен той жизненно важной роли, которую играют сильные сообщества в решении проблем как настоящего, так и будущего.

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ISOfocus Май/Июнь 2020

Создавая экогорода

По мере переоценки приоритетов в эпоху после эпидемии Covid, ISOfocus освещает самые важные вопросы, касающиеся устойчивых городов.


Climate change adaptation

Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment and humanity must prepare and adapt in order to survive. ISO standards play a pivotal role in helping organizations and communities become climate-resilient. This brochure introduces the ISO 1409x series designed to assess the …


На пути к Целям в области устойчивого развития Со стандартами ИСО

An overview of how ISO standards contribute directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


ISO and Sustainable Cities

Building a smart city is highly complex. Learn about how ISO standards help to make cities smarter.

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