Комитет Заголовок
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 23 Digitally Recorded Media for Information Interchange and Storage
ISO/TC 17/SC 9 Tinplate and blackplate
ISO/TC 17/SC 11 Steel castings
ISO/TC 23/SC 18 Irrigation and drainage equipment and systems
ISO/TC 34/SC 3 Fruits and vegetables and their derived products
ISO/TC 34/SC 7 Spices, culinary herbs and condiments
ISO/TC 39/SC 8 Work holding spindles and chucks
ISO/TC 47 Chemistry
ISO/TC 59/SC 15 Framework for the description of housing performance
ISO/TC 67/SC 3 Drilling and completion fluids, well cements and treatment fluids
ISO/TC 67/SC 8 Arctic operations
ISO/TC 72/SC 4 Dyeing and finishing machinery and accessories
ISO/TC 79/SC 11 Titanium
ISO/TC 82/SC 7 Mine closure and reclamation management
ISO/TC 87 Cork
ISO/TC 93 Starch (including derivatives and by-products)
ISO/TC 114/SC 1 Shock resistant watches
ISO/TC 114/SC 7 Overall dimensions
ISO/TC 114/SC 10 Rate of watches
ISO/TC 156/SC 1 Corrosion control engineering life cycle
ISO/TC 172/SC 6 Geodetic and surveying instruments
ISO/TC 218 Timber
ISO/TC 249 Traditional Chinese medicine
ISO/TC 282 Water reuse
ISO/TC 285 Clean cookstoves and clean cooking solutions
ISO/TC 296 Bamboo and rattan
ISO/PC 318 Community scale resource oriented sanitation treatment systems
ISO/TC 319 Karst
ISO/TC 328 Engineered stones
ISO/TC 332 Security equipment for financial institutions and commercial organizations