Выходящий 6 раз в год на английском и французском языках, журнал "ISOфокус" - ваш проводник в мире международной стандартизации.

Идет ли речь о проблемах международной корпорации или поиске идей малым предприятием, "ISOфокус" стремится предоставить концепции, которые будет полезны как для стратегического планирования, так и частные детали, которые могут стать основой для существенных изменений. Международные вопросы охватывают все темы, начиная от ИТ и транспорта до персональных историй. Наша цель - в каждом выпуске донести до вас качественную информацию и самые актуальные и универсально применимые решения в области стандартизации.

From terrorism to fraud, to piracy and identity theft, security has become one of the highest priorities of government, business and the general public at large.

On the threshold the ISO Strategic Plan 2011 -2015 – Solutions to Global Challenges, ISO has committed itself to a comprehensive strategic roadmap for the next five years consisting of seven major objectives. 

Great inventions have radically transformed human life throughout history. But for such innovations to take hold, International Standards are a must!

To draw attention to the importance of stakeholder input in standards development, ISO Focus+ is devoting this issue to consumers. For the first time, a series of case studies by consumer representatives sheds light on their successes

10% of the world's population, or 650 million people are affected by some kind of disability. In view of its enormous impact on the social and economic situation in countries around the world, ISO Focus+ is devoting its Report to accessibility.

Travel can be exciting and rewarding. But it can also present many challenges. This issue features some of the key standards that facilitate travel – from passports to tourism services.

This issue provides insight on the ISO methodology and looks at the economic and social benefits of standards from various perspectives.

This issue showcases stories from companies benefiting from ISO standards and implementing management systems standards for quality and environmental or food safety as well as occupational health and safety.

This issue looks at the diversity of ISO standards for RFID, highlighting some of the many areas reaping the benefits of their use: from libraries and gas cylinders to animal identification devices and cargo shipment.

More than 2000 children die every day as a result of an accident. This issue brings together a portfolio of articles that showcase ISO standards as prevention measures, as well as areas of particular concern for children.
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