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From sustainability to vulnerability, we’re fighting for the protection of our families, friends and neighbours. Together, our voices will be heard.
The future is digital, but more inclusiveness is needed. UN Women and ISO are partnering to promote a more gender-inclusive world. 
A circular economy offers a way to counteract the climate crisis, strengthen our adaptive capacity and make society more sustainable and resilient. Standards and conformity assessment are part of the solution, providing assurance on aspects such as product lifetime and recyclability, safety and efficiency. …
The world of work is changing fast. Here are three key trends to watch across the turbulent twenties. 
Distrust pushes us into self-limiting stigmas, but International Standards can help us be confidently vulnerable and resilient.  
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Moving cargo around the world is a carbon-intensive business, and new guidance launched at Davos will go a long way to getting freight back on track.
ISO provides solutions to global challenges, such as mitigating the risks of climate change. 
Official ISO side event builds momentum for standards in ecosystem restoration.
As the world continues to progress along the green transition, it needs more green skills. Can standards help support the skills revolution?