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It’s all about trust
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to aid progress in everything from the medical sphere to saving our planet, yet as the technology becomes ever more complex, questions of trust arise. Increased regulation has helped to rebuild this trust, but grey areas remain. How can we ensure AI is trustworthy …
By Clare Naden on
Building resilience: ISO standard for business continuity just updated
Natural disasters, fires, supply chain issues or cyber-attacks are just some of the many unexpected yet possible threats to the smooth running of any business. Consistent and robust business continuity planning for what to do when disaster strikes is the best defence.
By Clare Naden on
Keeping food safe from farm to fork
Transport and storage are inextricable elements of food safety management. New international guidance has just been published to help ensure safety at every stop along the food chain.
By Clare Naden on
International Standard for CFI codes just updated
Increasing complexity in the trade of financial instruments globally resulted in the need for a set of international codes so that everyone can speak the same language. The International Standard that defines these codes, known as CFI codes, has just been revised.

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This edition features risk management, Internet of Things security, cyber hacks and breaches, and expert opinion from industry thought leaders.


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ISO/IEC 17025 - General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

A free publication about ISO/IEC 17025, and how it can help testing and calibration laboratories demonstrate their capacity to deliver trusted results.

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