By Roxanne Oclarino on
Blockchain’s technology of trust
Over recent years, blockchain has evolved into a transformational technology promising to offer secure, real-time transactions across different sectors and industries that will revolutionize the way we do business. ISO is at the forefront of this technology to ensure that its users all speak the same …
By Kath Lockett on
Smarter cooking technology for better living
Traditional open-fire stoves are to blame for much of the pollution that leads to millions of deaths in the developing world. Safer options are available, and ISO is supporting the technology that may finally make clean cookstoves a reality.
The innovation game
Innovation economics professor Knut Blind tells us why standards are key to surviving in a highly complex 21st-century global economy.
By Clare Naden on
Innovate... or break!
Climate change, cyber-attacks and business disruptors may, at first glance, seem unrelated but they are all key threats to business sustainability. There is, however, a common tool to build resilience against them – innovation. So how can organizations be innovative enough in order to roll with the punches …

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ISOfocus September/October 2020

Innovation generation

All industries have to continually innovate, whether its technology or retail. But how? Look no further than this edition of ISOfocus for more.


The ISO Research and Innovation Network

This network has been created by the Research and Innovation unit with the aim of creating a community to discuss, promote and conduct research and innovation activities related to standardization.


ISO and innovation

An overview of the importance of innovation in business sustainability and how ISO standards can help.


IEC, ISO and information communication technology

In our hyperconnected world, information communication technology (ICT) pervades all areas of our lives. International Standards help organizations make sense of ICT with tools and practices that allow interoperability, security and innovation to flourish.

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