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By Clare Naden on
Saving lives with cleaner cookstoves: new International Standard just published
Almost three billion people rely on traditional cookstoves and open fires for cooking and heating, placing them at serious risk of health disorders and premature death. The latest in ISO’s series of standards for cleaner ways of cooking has just been published.
By Barnaby Lewis on
As smooth as silk
China’s plan to revive and rebrand some of the world’s most travelled trade routes as the Belt and Road Initiative has resulted in the largest infrastructure project ever attempted. It’s clear that successful construction, management and operation of this 21st-century trade superhighway will depend on …
By Ann Brady on
How standards can lead to better lives
International standards can bring about a harmonization that promotes strength for countries in all areas of their development. It enables them to act cohesively instead of separately, gain a firmer foothold in the global marketplace and open doors to new opportunities. Experts explain why a level playing …
By Clare Naden on
Passport to trade
Whether it’s going to far-flung lands or just the neighbouring country, we all need a passport to travel. But what about products? How do bananas from Costa Rica get through customs in France? Or watches from Switzerland get past border control in Australia? Their “papers” are often in the form of documents …

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