Welcome to ISO/TC 304

At ISO Technical Committee 304 Healthcare Organization Management, we are committed to advancing quality of healthcare, continuity of care, safety, resource management, and patient health and well-being. If you are an organization, institution or individual who is passionate about healthcare organization management and would like to make a global impact, we welcome you to join us in our work.

Importance of our work

Healthcare organizations around the world have been facing significant challenges for a number of years; decreasing financial resources, workforce shortages and providing care for an increasingly numerous aging population. Many countries have embarked on universal healthcare coverage and in 2020-2021 alone the pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital healthcare and the skills required to adapt to deliver care in new and different ways. These issues, coupled with an increasing number of chronic disease patients, requires that we take bold steps to improve healthcare around the world in a sustainable way.

Some anticipated benefits of our work

  • Improved population health
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Increased patient/service user satisfaction and better health outcomes
  • Stronger risk management
  • Sharing of evidence-based best practices around the world
  • Increased confidence amongst stakeholders
  • Improved continuity of care


Standardization in the field of healthcare organization management including: classification, terminology, nomenclature, management practices and metrics that comprise the non-clinical operations in healthcare entities.

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

TC 304 is proud to produce work that addresses the following SDGs:



We encourage work that will continuously support and promote the attainment of more SDGs.

Current TC 304 Members

27 Participating member countries

21 Observing member countries

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External Liaisons:

The International Society for Quality in Health Care 

European Trade Union Confederation 

International Trade Union Confederation 

Call for participation

At this time in modern history, our efforts are vital. TC 304 does not underestimate the amount of work the creation of specifications and standards requires, and we have a committed team to support any standards body that may not be able to contribute consistently, but we welcome all countries to share any pertinent information that will help us to make our publications truly effective, applicable, and representative of the world.

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Want to get involved?

Standards are developed by the people who need them – that could mean you. Technical committees include experts from both standards and industry and these experts are put forward by ISO’s national members. If you want to help shape future standards in your field, contact your national member, or you may also contact the ISO TC 304 Committee Manager for additional guidance.