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ISO 10303-240:2005 specifies the use of the integrated resources necessary for the scope and information requirements for the exchange, sharing and long term data retention of computer-interpretable process plan information for both numerical control (NC) and manually operated applications and associated product definition data.

The following are within the scope of ISO 10303-240:2005:

  • information out of the planning activity that is contained in the process plans for machined parts which includes:
    • numerical controlled machines;
    • manual operations.
  • the manufacture of a single piece mechanical part, and assemblies of single piece parts for manufacturing purpose which includes:
    • process data for part routing which includes manufacturing process and setup sequencing;
    • process data for operation.
  • interface for capturing technical data out of the upstream application protocols which includes:
    • product definition data, including tracking a design exception notice of a part;
    • initial material definition data.
  • technical data for and/or out of the process planning for machined pats which includes:
    • machining features for defining shapes necessary for manufacturing;
    • machining feature classification structure;
    • geometric and dimensional tolerances of the parts being manufactured;
    • materials, and properties of the parts being manufactured.
    • references to standards and specifications declared in the process plan;
  • work instructions for the tasks required to manufacture a part, using which include:
    • references to the resources required to perform the work;
    • the sequences of the work instructions;
    • relationships of the work to the part geometry.
    • information required to support NC programming of processes specified in the process plan;
    • shop floor information specified in the process plan;
    • information for production planning specified in the process plan;

Informations générales

  • État actuel :  Publiée
    Date de publication : 2005-12
  • Edition : 1
  • :
    ISO/TC 184/SC 4
    Données industrielles
  • 25.040.40
    Mesure et contrôle des processus industriels

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