ISO 4306-3:1991
ISO 4306-3:1991


Establishes a vocabulary in English, French and Russian of the most commonly used terms in the field of cranes. This part gives the general definition of a tower crane. It applies to tower cranes for construction work that can be assembled and dismantled, permanently erected tower cranes, hammerhead cranes, dockside and shipbuilders'tower cranes. It does not apply to mobile boom cranes which may be fitted with a tower attachment and erection masts, with or without jibs.

Informations générales 

  •  : Annulée
     : 1991-02
  •  : 2
     : 19
  •  : ISO/TC 96/SC 7 Grues à tour
  •  :
    01.040.53 Matériel de manutention des matériaux (Vocabulaires)
    53.020.20 Grues

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