Technical outage impacting applications and websites

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ISO experienced an application and website outage due to a server software malfunction managed by our service provider. This was a technical malfunction and in no way related to any form of cyberattack.

Server failure is a known risk inherent to organisations of all types and sizes. As ISO follows best practice and is aligned with top information technology standards, we were able to manage such an outage with technical expertise in a timely manner. We remain steadfast in the robustness and integrity of our IT infrastructure and processes. 

Public access to standards was maintained at all times and the impact on our core business of standards development activities throughout the outage was mostly limited to the unavailability of applications. The ISO community and those directly impacted remained informed throughout. The length of the downtime was attributed to the meticulous restoration processes of our many applications and websites.

This experience reinforces our determination to implement our strategic need to consolidate and strengthen our IT ecosystem, aligned with the evolution of international standards development. 


FEB 4, 16:30 CET

Global Directory, ISOlutions National Ballots, Notifications, now fully available.

FEB 4, 13:30 CET

ISO Documents now fully functional.

FEB 3, 18:00 CET

ISO Projects, ISO Ballots and Submission interface now functional.

FEB 2, 18:00 CET

ISOlutions National Documents* restored with limited functionality.

JAN 31, 18:00 CET

Online Browsing Platform, the ISO Webstore, ISOlutions Webstores, ISO Standards Maintenance Portal, ISO Content Exchange (ICE) repository and STS Metadata service have been restored and are now fully available. is now also fully functional.

JAN 31, 13:00 CET has been restored with limited functionality

JAN 28, 14:50 CET has been restored with limited functionality. Technical Committee websites are now fully available.

JAN 28, 08:00 CET

The Global Directory has been restored with limited functionality.

Jan 27, 10:30 CET

Some applications are being restored with limited functionality.

Jan 27, 08:22 CET

Identified - The outage has been identified and relates to an IT infrastructure outage. We are working on it and will keep you informed

Jan 26, 16:01 CET

Investigating - We are currently facing a technical outage impacting our application's availability and performance. This outage is under investigation. Updates will be posted as necessary.

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