Standardization in the field of Guidance on unit pricing. The unit pricing standard would provide principles and guidance in designing, developing, implementing, maintaining and improving a flexible, responsive and effective and measurable regime for small to large retailers by:

  • Establishing best practice for informing consumers of the unit price of goods including what unit prices are and how they can be used.
  • Defining a unit pricing scheme and types of labels and promotions to which it may apply.
  • Assisting organisations and legislators identify and remedy any deficiencies in their current unit price schemes.

It is proposed the standard would:

  • Provide for the manner in which quantity is expressed including weight, measure, count and area.
  • Stipulate the prominence and legibility of unit prices.
  • Indicate where unit prices should be displayed.
  • Specify how the unit price should be expressed – e.g. one unit of measure for all sizes of a specific product or one unit per store/district.
  • Specify exemptions for some stores, products or prices.

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